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I left my 9 iron on the 17th hole and didn't even realize it! Tracer Tags contacted me saying they had found my club before I got home. Tracer Tags are a must have for every golfer!
P. Bryant - Vero Beach, FL


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Tracer Tags Premier Portables Tag
Premium loss protection for all your portable electronic gear. This Portable Electronics tag is perfect for iPods, MP3 players, PDA's, cell phones, memory sticks, and laptops. Our all weather electronics tags are manufactured from material that will last a lifetime on most electronics you use and carry daily or we will replace it for free, no questions asked! 1 Tag per package.
Premium Portable Electronics Tag $14.00 Each
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Tracer Tags Bike & Helmet Tags
Comprehensive lost & found protection for bikes and helmets! Durable self adhesive all weather aluminum alloy tags that identify and assist finders, and law enforcement in the return of your bike or helmets. Cycle with confidence throughout the world knowing you have the best protection for your expensive gear. 4 tags per pack.
Bike & Helmet Pack $15.00
Tracer Tag Bike & Helmet Tags
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Tracer Tag Value PackTracer TagsValue Pack
The Value pack was designed for those times when you need extra Tracer Tags protection for any of your belongings. The Value Pack is a perfect addition to any of the other Tracer tags products. Constructed of durable all weather self adhesive aluminum alloy 8 tags per pack.
Value Pack $24.95
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Tracer Tags Key Tags
Key tags with our global 24/7 comprehensive lost and found service comes with free registration, lifetime warranty, and a insurance log to record all your valuables. Your insurance company will really like this feature! Attach a hook that is included to your key tag and use it on small rolling luggage, backpacks, or cases. Inexpensive lost and found protection for your largest possessions. 3 Key Tags & 3 hooks per package.
Key Tags $10.00
Tracer Tag Key Tags
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Tracer Tag Luggage Tags Tracer Tags Luggage Tags
Easily identify your luggage and stop identity theft with a Tracer Tags luggage tag. Never again broadcast your name and address for the world to see. For immediate 24/7 global loss protection register your proprietary tag number with your contact information at the Tracer Tags website or toll free telephone number. Registration is free and all tags have a lifetime warranty. Tracer Tags protection promotes personal security and the rapid return of your luggage in today’s uncertain world. Includes 3 luggage tags and loop straps per pack.
Luggage Tags $24.00
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Tracer Tags Traveler Pro Tags
The Travelers Pro is the ultimate loss protection product! Never again risk identity theft or your personal security by marking your possessions with your name and address. For immediate 24/7 global loss protection simply activate your propriatary tag numbers at the Tracer Tags website or telephone us toll free in the U.S. and Canada. The Travelers Pro comes with 3 luggage tags with loop straps, 4 self adhesive aluminium alloy labels, and 3 multi-purpose key tags with hooks.
TravelPro Pack $39.00
Tracer Tag Traveler Pro Pack
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Tracer Tag Golf Tags Tracer Tags Golf Tags
The only way you will lose your clubs will be to throw them in a lake! The Golf Pack comes with fifteen (15) all wheather, UV protected self adhesive polyester labels for your clubs and one (1) bag tag and strap. Weather you're playing your local fairways, or traveling to some exotic course, if you leave a club on a green or your entire bag at the nineteenth hole feel confident that your clubs have the best lost and found protection available.
Golf Pack $45.00
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Tracer Tags Cell Phone & Pager Pack
400,000 cell phones will be left in taxi's this year and only 5% will be returned. This comprehensive lost and found tag is the loss protection you need at a affordable price. Includes one all wheather UV coated self adhesive polyester cell phone tag with a lifetime warranty! 1 5/8" x 5/8" 1 per pack.
Cell Phone & Pager Pack $12.00
Tracer Tag Portable Electronics Tag
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Tracer Tag Cell Phones & Pagers Tracer Tags Portable Electronics Pack
Everybody has them, and hundreds of thousands are lost each year. Do you know who is talking on your lost Treo? Get the protection you need for all your portables now! 1 5/8" x 5/8" all wheather UV coated polyester label 1 per pack.
Portable Electronic Pack $12.00
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Tracer Tags Camera & Portable Electronics Tags
Comprehensive lost and found protection for your cameras, cases, and portable electronic gear should they ever be lost or misplaced. This pack includes 4 self adhesive aluminum alloy labels and 3 multi-purpose key tags with hooks.
Camera & Portable Electronics Pack $22.00
Tracer Tag Camera & Portable Electronics Tags
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Tracer Tag Mobile Phones, Laptop and PDA Tags Tracer Tag Mobile Phones, Laptop & PDA Tags
Have you ever lost your laptop, or PDA with propriatary client files, or your personal files? Reduce the possibility of that happening with this Tracer Tags portable protection pack. You get the assortment and loss protection you need for your valuable, and irreplacable portable electronics.
Mobile Phone, Laptop & PDA Pack $22.00
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Tracer Tags Tool Tags
Inexpensive lost and found recovery for the tradesman or mechanic. You all have had this happen to you. Someone you are working with grabs your tools thinking it is theirs and you never see them again. Our tags I.D. your tools as yours, there is no mistake. This pack includes 4 self adhesive aluminum labels, and 3 key tags with hooks,
Tool Pack $22.00
Tracer Tag Tool Tags
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Tracer Tag Pet Tags Tracer TagsPet Tags
WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. A NEW REDESIGNED PET TAG WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON. Our pet tag is the perfect way to insure your pets safe and rapid return at home or when traveling. Constructed of all weather PVC plastic, Tracer Tags pet tags are attractively designed and easy to read. If your pet is found roaming away from home Tracer Tags will be their to assist the finder and you with their return. 3 tags on a break away PVC card. Insure your pet's safe and rapid return with a Tracer Tags pet tag.
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Tracer Tags Sports Equipment Tags
Have you ever lost or misplaced your baseball bat, equipment bag, tennis racket or other equipment? Tracer Tags registered I.D. tags on your equipment could have prevented this by identifing and recovering your equipment and saved you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. You get an assortment of tags to protect, and return all your equipment to you if it is ever lost, misplaced, or stolen.
Sports Equipment Pack $39.00
Tracer Tag Sports Equipment Tags
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Tracer Tag Large Sport Equipment Tag Tracer Tags Large Sport Equipment Tag
The Sports Tag is BIG protection and designed to be seen, identify, and discourage a would be thief. This large tag was made especially for larger expensive gear like snowboards, scuba tanks, skateboards, water skis, tackle boxes and sailboards. This durable tag measures 2" x 4" 1 per package.
Large Sport Equipment Tag $10.00
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Tracer Tags Promotional ProductsTracer Tag Promotional Products
Tracer Tags promotional products division custom imprints Tracer Tags and most plastic tags and cards in a variety of custom sizes and stock shapes. Let the eyes of the world see your brand, company logo, or event on a Tracer Tag product. You supply the idea and we make it a reality. Contact Tracer Tags For details on how we can assist your company with your promotional needs, call toll free 877-687-2237 or visit our Promotional products web site. Let us make your next event a success!

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